Industry Parts

Aluminum 6061-T6 Housing used for the Aerospace Industry

Metal forming centrifuge Mount for the Medical industry

Aluminum Reflector used to make DVD's/ CD's

Painted Stainles Steel Housing used to Brake down & analize Metals

Spun Housing used to Navigate the space shuttle (aerospace)

Jet assembly for the Vacuum Industry

Spun Copper Grid Cup for the Power tube industry

Stainless Steel Casing for the Mechanical Industry

Aluminum Spun & fabricated Sphere for the Electrical & Power Industry

Aluminum Case & Cover for the electrical Industry

Spun Aluminum Case for the Military

Plated Baffle Assembly for the cryogenics Industry

Motor Guard for the Mechanical Industry

Spun Aluminum Ventury use to Mount fans (commercial & Militay)

Perforated stainless steel Liner used to Dry plastic media

Spun & machined Aluminum Housing for the Aerospace Industry

Assorted small spun parts, can you find the penny?